Why SandLegal ?

Land represents opportunity, Law is an ocean. Sand is the edge between the land and the ocean. It allows both to peacefully co-exist. That is the edge you need .We at SandLegal understand business laws. We ensure that it’s easy to comply with law without interfering in the business process of the client. Our expertise has resulted in a database that helps our clients to adhere to almost 3,00,000 compliances across 4 continents.

SandLegal is the brain child of Mr. B. Sai Chandravadhan who’s 25 years career in law spreads to litigation and business law. This gives Sand Legal the edge of preventive and firefighting legal expertise. Doing one thing everyday makes us good at what we do. Our services are efficient and cost effective. We are able to use a dynamic pool of resources to ensure a cost efficient structure. We blend Law with innovation and give you the edge you need for good corporate governance. We ensure that your business decisions are in consonance with laws and you meet the ethical, environmental as well as business guidelines. We value your money and time. We are always available to help our clients in avoiding legal trouble.