On 18th September 2015 the world’s largest car automaker Volkswagen group was hit by a manipulation scandal. The United States Environmental Protection agency announced that Volkswagen had installed a “defeat device” software code in the diesel models sold in the US from 2009-15. The device caused the vehicles nitrogen oxide output to meet U.S standards during regulatory testing, but emit up to 40 times more nitrogen during real time driving. 4, 82,000 vehicles have been recalled and around $18 billion in fines are pending. It is now facing investigations in U.S, South Korea, France, Italy, Canada, and UK.
Following this the apex testing agency Automotive Research Institute of India began a probe on 25th September 2015 to inquire into the matter.

Volkswagen India on 1st April 2016 issued a recall of 3877 Vento sedans on account of exceeding Carbon Monoxide emissions. Following up Volkswagen has also announced to temporarily suspend sales of the Vento 1.5 Litre diesel with manual transmission with immediate effect.