The government in Haryana passed amendments to four labour laws – Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Contract Labour Act and Payment of Wages Act – to ease retrenchment in factories, give flexibility to employers for hiring contract labour and allow small factories to be exempted from labour laws, among other changes.

Some labour law changes passed by Haryana Assembly:

Industrial Disputes Act

Firms with up to 300 workers can retrench without permission from government (at present only 100 workers firms can do so)

Contract Labour Act

Act will apply to firms with up to 50 workers, up from 20 workers at present

Factories Act

Law will apply to factories with 40 workers (without electricity) and 20 workers, with electricity, up from 20 and 10 workers respectively

Payment of Wages Act

The existing limit for receiving wages in cash for those earning up to Rs 18,000 is removed

The changes will, however, require President’s assent as these labour laws fall under the concurrent list, where the states might legislate and Centre gives the final approval.