Technology is not just a facility but has a role to play and it has undoubtedly played a role in shaping the vicinity we live in and the world we haven’t seen. Technology is so much, everywhere.

Not only laboratories and space stations have gone through a transformation, but the chambers of advocates and judges and courts have also experienced the change.  The Dot matrix printer which used to print cause lists of a court cases in unambiguous manner has been replaced by Laser Jet printers. CRT monitors have been replaced by LEDs. These transformations have increased efficiency.

Keeping a pace with the changing world, courts in Western countries have adopted modern technology. The most important development that took place in England over the last decade was modernization of Judiciary. Today the English Courts are using an electronic diary system, which has proven very useful. For example, when a five-day case settles unexpectedly a week before the hearing date, the electronic diary is then used to interrogate the system to see if there is any oversight on the part of the court. The Court diary arrangements are updated to show the new listing agreements.

Compliance is about to become paperless. The liabilities of paying taxes, filing returns, applying for various certificates under various departments, initially required going up to the offices and doing paper work. The advent of technology has mitigated the practice.

The Uttarakhand Labor department recently Launched Labor Act Management System which facilitates applying for grant of certificates to run business under four labor laws such as Factory Act, Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, Contract Labor Act and Boilers Act and file returns under respective acts.

The Move by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board in introducing the XGN software for filing returns under various environmental rules is another example of technology driven governance.

Paperless compliance allows institutions to ensure better and more transparent corporate governance.

B.Sai Chandravardhan
Managing director.