It is mandatory for dealers having annual turnover, above Rs 50 lakhs in 2014-15 to file their returns through Digital signature. Other dealers can also file their return through digital signatures.
For filing through Digital Signature, DVAT-56 is not required to be filed separately.
Dealers filing their return through digital signature are not required to visit the department to get their returns acknowledged.
The dealers once started filing returns with digital signatures shall continue to file the returns with digital signatures even if their annual turnover falls below fifty lakhs rupees any time in future.
The Delhi government has also decided to roll back the hike in VAT on low-cost footwear and textiles which was proposed in its Budget 2016-17.
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, in his Budget speech on Monday, had proposed a VAT of 5 per cent on all textiles and shoes priced at below Rs 500.