Litigation Support

Disputes occur in every organisation’s life cycle, whether in trans-national business transactions or domestic. Disputes consume resources. The direct drain of the resources is transactional costs, fees, delays and stagnation. The indirect drain on resources is the allocation of scarce manpower to manage non-core functions resulting in reduced productivity.

Dispute resolution is critical for the continued sustainability of the company. A legal dept, no matter how large or efficient, has to handle myriad tasks that form part of the legal functions of the organisation and needs critical support for managing its litigation.

Sand Legal offers people centric services where its experts study an organisation’s dispute life cycle, understand the unique and routine types of disputes with focus on types of disputes that are resolved, disputes that offer resistance in resolution, resolution forums and methodologies, cross sharing and dispute management systems.
Our experts abstract an organisation’s dispute resolution, provide discovery services for strategizing on best methodology for dispute resolution, identify the most efficient method and specialist required for a dispute resolution in different domestic and international geographies, provide documentation support for drafting and vetting of litigation documents and finally hand hold the organisation through the litigation life cycle through interaction with external counsel, management of litigation data and MIS on status of litigation to ensure minimal organisational resource utilisation.
As a result of this path breaking service, organisations will show tremendous savings in direct and indirect costs of dispute resolutions and be able to provide for an effective litigation management system that reduces costs of sustainability and enhance resource utilisation.

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