Law is never static. It has to change to keep pace with the times.That’s why it’s so important to track legislative changes.

Organisations of all sizes have signed up for Sand Legal’s PLUS (Pre-emptive Legal Update Services) for tracking laws in India and in other geographies across four continents. PLUS helps track applicable legislations or when clients need reassurance that they aren’t missing out on anything.

PLUS ensures that your register of environmental, labour and health & safety legislations along with all other applicable laws contain all the relevant laws to exactly match the requirements of your services, products and processes.

Whether you are new to PLUS or have an existing legal register that you would like to upgrade, our team will provide you with advice, guidance and confidence that your legal register meets your requirements and your auditor’s scrutiny.

Give us an opportunity; we will keep you up to date with the changes in law and minimize risk of non-compliance.
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