Global Legislative Compliance Services

Sand Legal is a leader in offering GLC services internationally.

We currently support our clients in forty-two States in the US in managing their legislative compliance in critical laws such as employment, insurance, mortgage, immigration, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank and FCPA, amongst others.

Our projects extend to Canada and Mexico as well.

In Europe our work extends to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Our services currently cover immigration, privacy, employment, data security and other laws.

In Asia Pacific, Sand Legal provides compliance management services in Australia and Japan and certain provinces in China. Our services currently cover immigration, privacy, data-security, employment and other laws.

In India, we offer services across twenty-nine States.

Our clients are billion-dollar multinational organizations having operations in multiple geographies.
Our in-house legal experts are supported by a wide network of legal professionals. General Counsels of our client have provided testimonials on the quality of our services.

We study business processes to understand legislative applicability, risks and associated tasks that satisfy compliance parameters. Our customized content is uploaded into a robust, web-enabled software tool which in turn is either installed on the client’s IT environment or is privately hosted.
The laws are updated as and when there are changes, amendments, modifications or deletions, thus enabling compliance management internally without hassles while focusing on growing business.

Sand Legal’s services are efficient and effective in as much as our standards are international while our costs are local. Our clients leverage on the efficiency of our service standards, effectively saving costs while implementing compliance processes in their organizations globally.

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